Euro ICE is the best way to tour Europe and Israel while exploring your Jewish heritage and reconnecting to your soul. This year, Euro ICE will travel to Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland, a land full of rich Jewish culture, historical influence, beauty and warmth. The trip concludes with two weeks in Israel where you will visit popular cities and sites including Jerusalem, Safed, Eilat and Tiberias.

  • Shop the markets of Florence
  • Walk through the labyrinth-like Jewish ghetto in Venice
  • Hike the mountains of Swiss Alps
  • Go white water rafting in Lake Bled
  • Explore the land of Israel from top to bottom

Led by an amazing staff, Euro ICE gives teens the summer of their lives and provides memories and inspiration for a lifetime. On Euro ICE, you can experience all this and more while taking part in meaningful projects and learning from the best educators NCSY has to offer.