Q: What are the goals of the Euro ICE program?


At the end of the program, you will walk away with four things:

● A stronger appreciation for Torah and Jewish history
● A deeper connection to the Land of Israel
● A love for every Jew
● An understanding of your role in Klal Yisrael

Q: What is the learning like on Euro ICE?


You will spend a large portion of the summer learning, both formally and informally. Every day, a brief Torah thought is given after davening and you’ll break into small chaburahs to learn with  your advisors. Each chaburah is designed to coincide with the days’ itinerary.

Additionally, as you go from place to place, program director Rabbi Israel Lashak will explain the rich history and significance of where you are. Approximately every other day Rabbi Lashak gives an interactive shiur to the group on the days itinerary.

Q: What does Euro ICE do in Israel?


While in Israel, participants visit popular and historical sites including Tzfat, Masada, Ein Gedi  and the Mediterranean Sea. They also enjoy surfing, hiking, rafting, zip-lining, rappelling and

Q: Where does Euro ICE go in Europe?


Euro ICE 2015 we will be traveling to Spain and Gibraltar to experience their rich Jewish culture. Teens will explore Barcelona, Spend Shabbat on the island of Majorca, climb the Rock of Gibraltar and much more. The trip concludes with two weeks in Israel.

Q: Who attends Euro ICE?


Euro ICE is a coed program with participants from yeshiva day schools and public schools from around the United States and Canada.

Q: How long is Euro ICE?


Euro ICE is a four-week program that spends 10 days touring Greece and the remaining time touring Israel.

Q: Are there scholarships for Euro ICE?


Financial aid is available from the National NCSY office. Scholarships are need-based and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. To be considered for financial assistance, you must fill out the online application and submit your most recent tax return.

You can also apply for secondary scholarships by contacting your local synagogue, Jewish Federation and NCSY chapter. To see a complete listing of Federations, click HERE

Q: If I went on Euro ICE last summer, can I still go back?


Yes. Euro ICE creates a new itinerary with original programming every summer. You can be sure that if you come back, you’ll learn just as much as you did the first year.

Q: What is the dress code?


To ensure an environment for religious and spiritual growth and to prevent extreme sun exposure, the following dress code will be enforced throughout the summer.

Boys Dress code:

Heads must be covered and tzitzit must be worn at all times.
During davening and sacred sites, long pants are required.
Tank tops and short shorts are not permitted.

Girls Dress Code:

Skirts are preferred and must approach the knee.
Leggings, jeggings, yoga and aladdin pants, tank tops, cap sleeves and shirts that expose the midriff are not permitted.
No shorts of any kind are permitted, EXCEPT on days in which we do adventure based activities (i.e. hiking) on which you can wear BASKETBALL shorts (approaching the knee) only.
Necklines of shirts should not be inappropriately revealing, see-through, or cut.
Tight clothing is not permitted.
No white or light colored t-shirts on water hikes.
Loose fitting pants, including jeans or sweatpants are permitted.

Q: What are the accommodations like?


Throughout the summer, you will be put up in various hotels. All hotels come with bedding, towels, shampoo and bodywash.