BLOG -Summer 2017

Days 18 & 19 in Israel

Dear Mom and Dad, So basically let me tell you about my trip. Yesterday (Sunday morning) we woke up; we packed our stuff from the hotel we were staying at and then we went to this place where we rode donkeys. My friend Rina and

First days in Israel!

Dear Parents, Yesterday we spent the day in Tzfat and shopped in the village. This was my first time learning how to bargain with people. Shortly afterwards, we went golf cart riding in the forest which was a great opportunity to bond with friends! Today

Week 2: Vienna, Salzburg & Prague

Dear Father and Mother, We’ve had a swell couple days here on NCSY Euro Ice. On Monday we went to the Schonnbrunn palace in Austria. The palace was magnificent and the gardens behind the palace were incredible. After the gardens, the palace, and a few

Shabbos in Budapest

Dear Mom and Dad,I had the most amazing weekend in Budapest, Hungary. On Friday night we had Kabbalat Shabbat at the Sasz-Chevra shul in Budapest. From there we were treated to a wonderful dinner. Saturday, we prayed, had wonderful meals, and got to spend time

Day 1&2: Flights, Touring Budapest, Adventureland

Dear Mommy and Tatty, We have arrived!! We arrived in Budapest yesterday after a long 7 hour flight from JFK. We had a short layover in Switzerland and then we landed in Budapest in the afternoon. Although we were exhausted, we fought the jet lag

Meet Your Director: Rabbi Israel Lashak

Rabbi Israel Lashak was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He attended high school in Baltimore Ner Yisroel Yeshiva where he also received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Talmudic Law. He has an additional Masters degree in administrative science from Johns Hopkins University. In 1992,

Meet Your Assistant Director: Yisrael Katz

Hi all, my name is Yisrael Katz from beautiful Denver, CO where I run Denver NCSY throughout the year. I love spaghetti and meatballs and any of the big three sports. If you can tell me what IR7DJ2 means on the first day of Euro

Meet Your Advisor: Elana Penn

Hey y’all!! My name is Elana Penn and I’m an advisor on Euro ICE this summer! I’m from Los Angeles, California but I currently live in NYC and attend Stern College. I’m a psych major and a huge history nerd. When I am not in

Meet Your Advisor: Sammy Katz

Hello chevra!My name is Sammy Katz and I can’t wait to go to Europe for the first time this summer. I just started YU so my life is taking a downhill spiral from here on out… except euro ICE of course! I am from Teaneck

Meet Your Advisor: Sam Hanover

Hi guys!! My name is Sam Hanover (I’m the one on the right). I’m the great great great granddaughter of the founder of Hanover pretzels and my second cousin twice removed is the owner of the Hanover frozen vegetable line. I hail from the great,