Days 18 & 19 in Israel

Dear Mom and Dad,

So basically let me tell you about my trip. Yesterday (Sunday morning) we woke up; we packed our stuff from the hotel we were staying at and then we went to this place where we rode donkeys. My friend Rina and I named our donkey Camille, and then we made pita bread and had lunch. We drove 3 hours to Ein Gedi which is a hike with waterfalls and it’s really cool. Then we went to the Dead Sea and drove to this place called the Bedouin camp which is in the desert and you sleep in tents. At around 10:00 the Rabbi gave us an amazing speech about constellations and stars and horoscopes- it was so cool, I would recommend listening to it. Then at around 11:30 we went out into the desert in the pitch black and walked half a mile and then laid down on sleeping bags and learned about the stars and stargazed. Then we all meditated for a while and it was so chilled I loved it. We went back to the camp around 1:30 and wake up was at 4:00 because we were hiking Masada at 5:00 so the people who were tired went to sleep and some people just stayed up all night by the campfire. In the morning, we woke up, drove to Masada, hiked it and watched the sunrise from the top and then took a tour and got back on the bus. We went back to the camp and rode camels and now we got back on the bus and we’re about to drive an hour to Sderot!

Simi Langert