First days in Israel!

Dear Parents,

Yesterday we spent the day in Tzfat and shopped in the village. This was my first time learning how to bargain with people. Shortly afterwards, we went golf cart riding in the forest which was a great opportunity to bond with friends! Today we spent the day in the beautiful city of Haifa. We arrived at the Grand Mall of Haifa and enjoyed a competitive scavenger hunt, in which we did silly things like giving makeovers and taking funny pictures with strangers. Shortly after we enjoyed the beautiful gardens of Haifa where we took wonderful pictures with each other and had pizza. After a brief ride on the bus we arrived at the beach in Haifa to go surfing. My initial reaction was surprise, due to the fact that I had never gone surfing before. After a few minutes of practice with the instructors I was confident that I would succeed. Surfing took a little trial and error but I did get the hang of it. In conclusion we had an exciting 2nd and 3rd day in Israel and can’t wait for more to come. #עם ישראל חי #makeAliyah #euroice2017

Ariel Cohen