Shabbos in Budapest

Dear Mom and Dad,
I had the most amazing weekend in Budapest, Hungary. On Friday night we had Kabbalat Shabbat at the Sasz-Chevra shul in Budapest. From there we were treated to a wonderful dinner. Saturday, we prayed, had wonderful meals, and got to spend time shooting questions at the Rabbi. Later that day, as we ebbed Shabbos away, Rabbi Lashak told a story that left me in awe. He told the story of a runner from Ethiopia, Abebe Bikila, who won an Olympic Marathon with a removed appendix, and no shoes. While people only focused on his wealth and success on the field, people did not realize that he adopted a ton of children in Africa and took care of them. The lesson is that we need to choose our heroes based on the good they do in the world, not on how much money they have. Sunday was awesome. We had breakfast in Hungary, lunch in Slovakia, and dinner in Austria. We had the opportunity to visit the grave of the Chatam Sofer. This past Shabbos was the most inspiring Shabbos I have ever  experienced!

Noah Fleeter