week 1 | reflections of NCSYers

Nathan Magid sharing about his first week on an NCSY summer program and how he’s been enjoying Euro ICE so far:

Everything has been really exciting and new for me because I’m coming from a place that’s not super religious and I want to become more religious so it’s a huge learning experience for me. NCSY Euro ICE has been taking me every step of the way so I can see and experience  my traditions and history. The trip so far has incorporated Jewish practices and Jewish learning in a way that I can connect to, even with less background. Davening has been the best part for me so far because its not something I’m usually encouraged to do or exposed to. My favorite activity was the boat tour in Amsterdam on our first day. While the scenery was beautiful, I specifically enjoyed the audio tour given by the “fresh water pirates”. I’m super excited to spend the rest of this month with everyone. Shabbat shalom.

– Nathan and friends on the barge canal tour.