week 1| Review

Tuesday morning we arrived in Amsterdam and were off touring right away. We started off by foot, walking around the beautiful city and then continued on the amazing canal barge boat tour.

Wednesday we visited historical sights including the Jewish historical museum of Amsterdam, the  Portuguese  shul, and the Anne Frank house. We learned about the history of Jews in the Netherlands and discussed the significance of these locations and the history that took place here. We had to acknowledge the famous local artist, Vincent Van Gough, at the Van Gough museum as well.


Thursday we enjoyed a biking tour, as is the most common form of transportation around Amsterdam, known as the “bike town” and saw amazing wind mills. 


After a long drive from Amsterdam, we’ve finally made it to Italy and spent the day touring Verona and visiting the shuls in the Jewish ghetto in Venice, where we will be spending Shabbos. We’re so excited for what’s in store!